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  • Why Choose Bloom Sooner For Therapy
    Bloom Sooner is simple, effective, and to the point. We don’t want to waste your time nor our time. Therefore, we try our best to provide results quicker and sooner so you can start living the healthy and happy life you deserve. Bloom Sooner is intentional in the work they provide and always makes sure the tools and techniques that are given to you are made JUST for you – no cookie cutter here! So if you like the real, light and simple feel, Bloom Sooner is exactly the place for you. No judge, just love as we were intended to live.
  • Is Our Therapy Sessions Confidential?
    In general, the law protects the confidentiality of all communications between a client and mental health clinician. No information is disclosed without prior written permission from the client. In addition, there are some special circumstance in which the law requires therapists to break confidentiality. These exceptions include: If you present a danger to yourself, to others, to property, or unable to care for yourself. If there is suspected past or present child, dependent, or elder abuse or neglect. If the court orders a release of information as part of a legal proceeding, or as otherwise required by the law. I recognize you trust me with private information about your life and the lives of your relatives. Because of this, I take my confidentiality duty very seriously. This meant that I will not release any information about you without your expressed written consent, unless I am legally required to do so.
  • What Are Your Fees? And More
    Fees vary based on the unique goals and services needed. 2. How are fees determined? Fees are dependent on your therapy or coaching needs - determined by the Therapist or Coach. 3. How do you ensure transparency? We provide clear fee breakdowns and are available for any questions. 4. Are there additional costs? We communicate any extra costs upfront for materials or unforeseen circumstances. 5. Can fees be negotiated? We're open to discussing flexible payment options based on individual needs. 6. How do I choose the right service? Schedule a consultation to discuss your goals: 7. What if I'm not satisfied? We prioritize client satisfaction and address any concerns promptly. 8. How do I get started? Reach out through our website or contact information for a consultation.
  • How Frequently Will We Be Meeting?
    Frequency is determined by which service you are choosing. However, in general for therapy services we highly recommend at least 3 months of weekly sessions. Keep in mind, all services are unique and can require less or more session. Speak to your therapist for a clear understanding of your needs.
  • What If I Need To Get In Touch With You Outside Our Session?
    We make every effort to return phone calls within 24 hours of the next business day. However, we do not provide crisis or emergency services. If you need immediate assistance in the event of a mental health crisis, please call Suicide and Crisis Hotline at 988 and for all the other emergencies please call 911.
  • Do You Take Insurance?
    Insurance only covers Therapy sessions (not coaching or therapy programs): If therapy session are covered by your insurance, here are the following companies we are currently in-network with: Aetna United Healthcare Cigna Oxford Oscar Health Benefits of Insurance: Reasonable fees per session Attend therapy sessions more often Payments help meet your deductible *INSURANCE DOES NOT PAY FOR LATE CANCELLATIONS. LIMITED SLOTS AVAILABLE.
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